Monday, September 22, 2008

The Memoirs of the Nefarious Cradle (poem)

The world was moving
I can fell something
As I closed my eyes
I realized...
This place...
is for hearts that are chaste
For people who has no time to waste
Where all hearts and souls belong
Where we hear lots of songs
And to bear in mind
We have nothing to bind
We hve lots of friends
Who would commend
And who have lots of advices to sen
But not me
I dont live as free
I cant be who I want to be
I am vulnerable
While everyone's invincible
I am prisoned in an asylum
I have nothing to do but wait and face my doom
I have been oppressed
But no one guessed
In fact no one cares
They had their own share
SO I hid myself
Trying to hide like an elf
And so that no one would think I'm being sentimental
Cause I am not being emotional
But the's getting worser and worser
My life's insignificant to a roller coaster
For I am always down on my knees
While everyone's pleased
To see a pathetic child
Can't you just be mild?
I wanted to scream
But it's no use at all
It's not worth the fall
I am burning
I am freezing
But I have to Stood up
THe pain didn't stopped
It prolonged
So I sang a song
Trying to feel mirth
Which I never experienced since birth
But still I felt the sorrow
The pain that is coming tomorrow
It's not as easy as it seems
I need to scream
"I want to die!!!"
But I gave out a sigh
I had plenty of words
I felt like a nerd
But they're worthless
As if life was meaningless
I want to let the dark side out
That's why I want to shout
But there's still a glass that seals the dark side inside
I can't do this anymore
It haunts me just like before
So I went to the place full of ice
My brother heard my cries
It was written in his eyes
I asked for his help
He said I was a whelp
I looked for the warmth of his heart
And asked him to do his part
But his heart was frozen
That's why he was chosen
TO rule the ice
SO I suffered great sacrifice
And went home ashamed but unsurrised
To recieve my condemned prize

The next day I went to the clouds
I saw my crush laughing out loud
I went to him...his the only person I trust
But he poured many dusts
My shoes became full of dusts and he prepared to thrust
I saw needles from my heart, full of rust
I fell down to the land
No one caught me only the sand
A sharp stone hit my head
And trust me, it bled

The next day I went to the sea
To give all my pleas
I swam, holding my breath
Thinking, "this must be the feeling of death";
As I asked my mother for her aid
She suddenly d\started to fade
She took my breath
But She knew I cried with depth
She took it until I died
No one even cried
Instead they all sighed
For who could've loved a girl who tried
Who failed when she was still a child.
As I closed my eyes
I realized
This lace is only for thee
But not for me...

I drowned in the water

I fell a little bit further

My mom didnt even wondered

She jut let me wither

My ody was n a dark iche

I felt a little ick

Time kept on running

Watching my dead body wasnt stunning

After seconds of my death it looks like it never happened

Everybody did forget

But I cant forget about the painful regret

To see my forgotten body

Watching it I felt sorry

The past has been forgotten

But I could never forget what happened

And the thing that they did to me

I felt a little whore

Now I see...

Nothings worth living for...

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