Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Have you ever felt what death is like? Well, do you want to know how it feels?

Being dead is just a normal stage in life. It's just the stage where you live in another world, where your soul is free.

People are just like lack candles with red bows. The black candle reppresents as their human bodies while the bow rpresent as their memories. Losing the bow means loing both life and memories. What I mean by life is the stage when one was still walking here in the earth.

Some says thst after death, there'll be life again but you'l not be the same person as you used to be. That's what they call the 'Circle of the Life'. You probably have heard that from the 'Land Before Times' and 'Lion King'.

The 'Circle of Life' is just like a food chain. First and foremost, you lived, then you died then you lived again and so on. For example, if you're name today is Mandy, you groew older and dies, next generation, you'll become another different person. You're not the old Mandy anymore, you'll become Mindy , a new form of person. But you'll never remember anything about Mandy. All you know is that you're Mindy. GOd knows who or what you'll become in the next life. He has your memories and then place another brain for you to complete. It's just like making a home video project.

But that's just what they said. I'm not telling it's true, it can be or it can't be.

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