Monday, September 1, 2008

Facing Our Teenage Life Crisis

Teenage was not as easy and as fun as it looks. You'll have to wander around, meeting all sorts of people and looking for a place to belong. You'll have to feel all of the emotions ; being hurt, happy, bored and a lot of things whether you like it or not. Especially when you see your crush (come on, let's face it), instead of being happy because you saw him, you'd rather be lonely since he doesn't know that you admire at him. He's like 'FOR YOUR EYES ONLY' and that's all. Several parents also says that their kids becomes contumacious when they reach their teens. They dont really acquise the rules of their parents (like me) . But maybe because it's their stage to rule and to have freedom. Some teenagers even tells their parents "If only you'd let me go out all the time, I'd be popular."

Most of the people loves being a teenager especially their high school life. True, it's outrageous but it can never be fun. One thing for me really rulez my world ; 'you don't hae to show your smelly laundry to the media.' You'll have to consider a "hush-hush sentiment" so that there'll be some other parts in your life which is still c;andestine. Anyway, in this kind of stage, you'll never believe in tooth fairies, leprechauns, sea serpents, witches, wizzads and santa paws (rawr) i-i mean santa claus. And each one is required with a reliable comrade (w/c you might not know, backstabs you).It could be a human, a bark of a tree or a notebook. It's up to you. But I prefer a notebook. First and foremost, humans are not reliable as you think. Some only. Second, it would be a little freaky if you'll talk to a bark. Third, you could just write down your secrets and read it until the day you die.

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Hertha Gearin said...

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Hertha Gearin