Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Computer That Ate My Brother

I used to have a big brother. He was good, intelligent, wise and thoughtful. Everytime he have a class to attend, he never leaves the house before I come with him. He's also a self-effacing person and never brags anything about himself. He was my brother and my bestfriend.
Sometimes, at night, we shared stories, secrets and lots of stuffs we could share. Even if our mum gives us chocolates each, he would give me his chocolate.
One day, he didn't waited for me to go to school, as usual. I felt somethings odd. I finally realized that he's gone. THe big brother I used to have is dead.
I saw him in his oom but he yelled at me. He said some stupid things at me. It was the first time ever he told me that I'm a pesky animal. I ran outside, to our secret place. I cried there and went back to my room.
I asked him where my brother was but he said he already killed him. But I didn't belived in him I knew it was the computer that ate him.

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