Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Condemned Optimism

We've been trying to follow our dreams, studying hard and aiming as high as we could. But, what happens if you mistakenly told someone whom you think you can give him/her your trust but then, the next thing you knew, she let you down? Would you still pursue that dream or rue the day that you told that person? Here's my story...
I'm a very zealous girl. Yeah...I admit it. But on the other hand, it's not that bad to dream, isn't it?
I dreamed of becoming a ♪♥♥♪†ﮝ報報報ﮝ† and that's where I started my path through the wilderness... ♪
SO, I let my mum know about my dream and I told her that I'm really hoping that I could fulfill that darn ambition cause I found it really fun to be one. At first, she just nodded and said "yeah, yeah, cool" But then, she looke at me and then said, "You can never be like that because you're such a pig" I mean UGH...come on!!! she's suppose to be a mother and I think mothers should buoy up their kid's souls inreaching their goals. In fact, they should give exact advices and darn quotes for life in order for their kids to understand what they meant. But, my mum's different. She was totally opposite.
And then there's some of my lassmates who totally heard about this and then they frankly talked to me infront of everybody and told me "Listen, I don't think you could do that. Anyone could but not you."
At first, that didn't affected me. But in the end, I started to become very paranoid about it. So, the thoughts of being a nobody popped out from my head. I could even feel the great pain in my chest, technically. But all I could do is shut up.
I already told my bro about that but he let me down too. He said, "NO!NO! It's all your fault because you're blah...blahblah...blahblah...blahblah..."
Now, I'm totally frustrated. But still, I still planted in my mind that I needed to stand up and do my thing even if
I stand up alone. I don't think they think of me as a human. I think they think of me as a monster, but not literally. They said I inconsiderate. But the question was, were they considerate at me? I don't think so.

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