Friday, August 29, 2008

Giving Up The Last Breath

Life can be a roller coaster. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down. We embrace the outrageous moments and we ostracize the terrible ones.
Helerig Ame, my sweet friend, a 13 year old girl, once was a very cheerful type of person. Everytime you have a problem, she's always ready with some effective advices and jokes to cheer you up.
But then, a tragic event came, I saw her crying and asked her what her problem was. She denied to look at me.Then, she finally told me that she's been in a great despair ever since.
After that stupid incident, IU never really saw her blithe face anymore. Nor her contagious chuckles. She has become a changed person. She left her old self. She already started saying swearwords which she never knew how to speak when wewere still kids. She has already given up her awe-spiring memories...when she was still the sweetest rose ever.

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